Advantages and disadvantages of artificial leather strap replica watches

Pu skin is an artificial material made by combining a polyurethane (PU) layer on a fabric backing. This back may or may not contain the chip leather. However, true skin does not contribute to the appearance, feel or properties of PU leather. These shavings fake watches are a waste when you take other leather goods. This type of skin is called adhesive skin, artificial skin or skin, and vegan.

With the help of industrial hot pressing methods, the PU balls on the top of the fabric replica watches can be given different textures and markings to simulate real skin.

This photo is artificial leather (picture source: Please note the back of the material - it is soft, the back fabric made of polyester, without leather.

The dermis is available in a variety of forms and expressions. The best thing is that the skin is full of replica rolex grain. Most of the skin on the market is not made of full grain, but made of split leather - this leather is the leather that is retained in advance of the top particles of the ball. The story of Split Leather is a bit similar to PU leather. In a sense, this is a picture that is reflected in the splitting of the skin, so it seems to meet the requirements of different designs. However, unlike PU skin, it is still necessary to smear and feel the skin when it is opened.

This is part of a separate leather - it's like the background of a real skin look. Fibrous, a bit rough when untreated.