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Objects made of PU leather may look like leather, especially from a distance. But when you touch a bag made of PU leather, you will immediately notice the plastic that is not in the real leather goods, a little sticky feeling. The smell is obviously plastic.

You can find PU leather products with various patterns replica rolex printed on it. Pebbles, textures, crocodile prints, etc. But back up under this fabric model.

The low cost of articles made from PU leather is expensive in a short period of time. The biggest problem is that an item can be done very well, but it starts to exfoliate for a year or two, and it is absolutely useless fake watches to give a well done element.

Leather products made of leather last longer. They look "real" or simple because they use natural materials. The real skin has grains and pores that make it through the air, unlike PU skin. However, as mentioned earlier, the skin fake rolex consists of many different treatments. It is full of skin texture, usually the skin texture that looks and feels the most natural when touched.

Leather, artificial or natural, needs to be processed to make it, so any type of skin has a carbon footprint associated with it. In terms of durability, the actual leather lasts longer. Plant tanned skin is the most environmentally friendly of all skin types because it uses natural materials during sunburn, and items made from this skin can last for decades. Chrome-tanned leather (whether grain or leather) uses a toxic chromium salt to contaminate the food chain during the manufacturing process. PU leather is carried out using petrochemical products that replica watches pollute the environment. In addition, PU leather products have a short shelf life and are eventually landfilled 6 months to 2 years after use.