Colder weather has taken hold even as our spring activities are going full force.  It seems that every day in the district there is a golf or tennis match going on, a track meet taking place or a soccer game being played in the district.  It is hard to believe, but there is only a month left in the 2016-17 school year!  As the weather permits, please take the opportunity to come and see our students performing in all of the spring activities before the school year ends.  You can find all of the information regarding activities by visiting our district’s website –

      At the last school board meeting, the board approved my recommendation that the last day of school for this year will be Friday, May 26th as one day was added to the calendar due to the day missed for state dual wrestling in Des Moines.  Please remember that the last day of school is a 2-hour early release day.  The board has also approved the 2017-18 school calendar as well as the district's testing calendar.  You can access next year's school calendar at the district website.  Also at the school board meeting, the board approved the purchase of a number of items on the summer capital improvements list.  They approved the purchase of a tractor, riding mower, a maintenance truck and a pull-behind mower.  The purchase of the tractor and the mowers were much needed and will help district personnel keep up with the mowing at all of our school campuses and outdoor athletic facilities. 

      The district recently received our student data from the Iowa Assessments that our students took in late February.  Based on the data, our students once again distinguished themselves with another year of strong student achievement.  For the district (grades 3-11), the district achieved a proficiency rate of 82% in reading, 85% in math and 86% in science.  I appreciate the hard work from our students, staff and parents to again have some of the best student achievement results in southwest Iowa.  In addition, the Iowa Department of Education has released the 2016 graduation rates for all school districts in the state.  Atlantic High School achieved a graduation rate of 92.77% with the state average at 91.3%.  The dropout rate was at 3.26% while the state average was 2.8%.  Atlantic High School continues to excel in helping students graduate.

      Earlier this month, the district again hosted the Hawkeye 10 All-Academic Awards Banquet.  Atlantic had four students who received an All-Academic award and also a Character Award recipient.  Our students that were honored for an All-Academic award were Megan Behrends, Sam Coder, Anna Iekel and Victoria Krogh.  Emily Hohenberger was recognized as the Character Award recipient.  These students were recognized for being the very best of the Hawkeye 10 Conference.  I congratulate these fine students for their hard work and their well-deserved recognition.

      With one more month of school remaining for this school year and with the weather warming, we will have a number of students walking or riding their bikes to school. Please be sure to keep a watch out for our students and help them to arrive to school and back home again safely.  The last day of school for this school year will be Friday, May 26 with a 1:00 pm early dismissal on that day.  Another school year has seemingly flown by again!  I ask that you please continue to support the Washington/Schuler PTO, the Atlantic Booster Club and the Atlantic Education Foundation.  If you have ideas to help the school district continually improve, I invite you to give me a call at 243-4252 or come by and visit with me in my office.  Go Trojans!



Mission Statement

The Atlantic Community School District will prepare all learners to be creative, innovative and productive citizens by providing diverse opportunities to learn and apply relevant skills and knowledge in a positive, disciplined and challenging environment.