The table below lists the keyboard shortcut keys that will prove useful.

Shortcut Function
Esc Stop the loading of your current page
Alt + Up arrow Page up
Alt + Down arrow Page down
Alt + Left arrow (Backspace) Go to the previous page in your browsing history
Alt + Right arrow
(Shift + Backspace)
Go to the next page in your browsing history.
Ctrl + Right arrow Move to the end of the next word
Ctrl + Down arrow Move to the start of the previous word
Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow Home
Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow End
Ctrl + Alt + Right arrow Select the next word or letter
Ctrl + Alt + Left arrow Select the previous word or letter
Ctrl + Alt + Z Enable or disable accessibility features if you're not signed in with a Google Account. If you're signed in, you can configure the accessibility feature on the Settings page.
Ctrl + Alt + / Open the list of available keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl + Shift + D Save all open pages in the current window as bookmarks in a new folder
Ctrl + Shift + G or
Shift + Enter
Go to the previous match for the input in the find bar
Ctrl + Shift B Toggle the display of the bookmarks bar. Bookmarks appear on the New Tab page if the bar is hidden.
Ctrl + Shift + I Toggle the display of the Developer Tools panel
Ctrl + Shift + J Toggle the display of the DOM Inspector
Ctrl + Shift + L Locks the screen
Ctrl + Shift + N Open a new window in incognito mode
Ctrl + Shift + B Toggle the bookmark bar
Ctrl + Shift + Q Sign out Google Account
Ctrl + Shift + Q (twice) Sign out Google Account on Chrome OS
Ctrl + Shift + R Reload your current page without using the cached content
Ctrl + Shift + T Reopen the last tab being closed. Google Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs being closed.
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste content from the clipboard as plain text
Ctrl + Shift + W Close the current window
Ctrl + . Display hidden files in the Files app
Ctrl + ? Go to the Help Center
Ctrl + 0 Reset zoom level
Ctrl + 1 through Ctrl + 8 Go to the tab at the specified position in the window
Ctrl + 9 Go to the last tab in the window
Ctrl + A Select everything on the page
Ctrl + C Copy selected content to the clipboard
Ctrl + D Save your current webpage as a bookmark
Ctrl + F Search your current webpage
Ctrl + or Enter Go to the next match for the input in the find bar
Ctrl + H Open the History page
Ctrl + J Open the Downloads page
Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E Perform a search. Type a search term after the question mark in the address bar and press Enter.
Ctrl + or Alt + D Select the content in the address bar
Ctrl + N Open a new window
Ctrl + O Open a file in the browser
Ctrl + P Print your current page
Ctrl + R Reload your current page
Ctrl + S Save your current page
Ctrl + T Open a new tab
Ctrl + U View page source
Ctrl + V Paste content from the clipboard
Ctrl + W Close the current tab
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action
Ctrl + Backspace Delete the previous word
Ctrl + Tab Switch to next tab
Ctrl + Enter Add www. and .com to your input in the address bar and open the resulting URL
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Go to the previous tab in the window
Ctrl + Shift + Refresh Rotate screen 90 degrees
Ctrl + Shift + ) Reset screen scale
Ctrl + Shift + + Increase screen scale
Ctrl + Shift + - Decrease screen scale
Ctrl + Shift + Refresh Rotate screen 90 degrees
Ctrl + + Zoom in on the page
Ctrl + - Zoom out on the page
Alt + click a link Open the link you clicked in a new background tab
Alt + 1 through Alt + 8 Go to the window at the specified position
Alt + 9 Go to the last window open
Alt + E or Alt + F Open the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
Alt + Backspace Delete the next letter (forward delete)
Alt + Tab Go to the next window that has opened
Alt + Shift + Tab Go to the previous window that has opened
Alt + Shift + M Open the Files app
Alt + Shift + B Place focus on the bookmarks bar. Use the actions listed for Shift+Alt+T to move the focus.
Shift + Alt + S Opens the status area in the bottom-right corner of the screen
Shift + Alt + L

Place focus on the launcher

  • Press Tab or the right arrow to focus on the next item in the toolbar
  • Press Shift+Tab or the left arrow to focus on the previous item in the toolbar
  • Press Space or Enter to activate buttons, including page actions and browser actions
  • Press Shift + Increase volume key. to open the context menu for the button (if available).
  • Press Esc to return focus to the page
Shift + Search + Volume Up Open right-click menus for focused items.
Shift + Esc Open the Task Manager



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